Bankruptcy Law

Whether you are single, married or a business owner, you never know when your debt is going to overtake your income. Whether you have been injured and cannot work, you have lost a job or if your business sales are slipping, chances are you are now facing constant calls from creditors and potentially facing home foreclosure. Fortunately, there are laws that help protect debtors to help you get back on a more solid financial footing. Creditors and debt collectors can face serious penalties if they do not abide by laws pertaining to debt collection. We can help you stop harassing phone calls and help hold them accountable for their behavior should they not stop.

Federal bankruptcy law offers individuals and businesses various options to help regain their financial footing, either by allowing them to request a complete liquidation under Chapter 7 and/or a repayment plan under Chapter 13 or Chapter 11. Whether you need a completely fresh start or you are in a position to draft a plan to catch up on your debts, we can help. We will evaluate your current financial situation and help you determine how best to proceed. If you are facing a mounting pile of debt and you are starting to feel overwhelmed, contact The Brand Law Firm at (714) 769-6485 or call toll free at (888) 510-0299 and we will help determine the best way to proceed.



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